King Air
                C90GTi VHPFK

C90 GTi

Hawker Beechcraft


Light Turboprop


Maximum Payload

2306 lb

Cabin Volume

227 cubic ft

Maximum Operating Altitude

30,000 ft

Maximum Cruise Speed

270 kts

Maximum Range

981 nm

Maximum Seatings






The rugged, performance-orientated Beechcraft King Air C90GTi is at home almost anywhere. It has the ability to operate from remote, unimproved fields as easily as it flows into congested, terminal airspace, providing operators with the versatility to utilize airports inaccessible to most jets.

It is also incredibly fuel-efficient which contributes to its low operating costs while offering increased performance and greater system redundancy.


The aircraft is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-135-A turbojet engine. The engine is capable of producing 750shp (559kW) of power and flat-rating power of 410kW.

The King Air C90GTi can climb at the rate of 10.2m/s. The maximum and cruise speeds of the aircraft are 500km/h and 416km/h respectively.


The King Air C90GTi’s cabin features a wide airstair door for entry and exit of passengers. The cabin is almost 50% larger than conventional very light jets (VLJ). The spacious and comfortable cabin can accommodate seven passengers.

The aircraft cabin comprises refreshment cabinets, lavatories and a large pressurised baggage storage area for passengers’ luggage. The baggage area is fully accessible to passengers in flight.